The Club



The Mad Magician

Jenny Broe, chief mad scientist at the lab, directs the club, produces the shows, trains the bad asses in jazz, contemporary and hip hop and choreographs the repertoire. 

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The Dance Maker

Naquan Villega, choreographer and master mover, creates some of the most show stopping, theatrical and crowd pleasing pieces for the club's full length concerts. With his unique approach to teaching and his unbelievable stage presence, he is QUITE the catch for this club.  His energy vibrates at such a high frequency, you can't be around him and not feel the force.  It's contagious and addictive.  


The Dancing Queen

Jade Amani, our very own Beyonce and resident choreographer and dancer, can be seen teaching Femme Hip Hop & Heels at the lab and dancing up a storm around town.  Her movement is super sexy and funky!  She commands the stage like no other. 


The Fierce Artist

Jessica Zayas, professional dancer and club choreographer, creates with artistic vision and technique at the forefront.  With powerful movement her pieces tell a beautiful story and showcase the body's athletic capabilities.  Zayas is also a dancing member of the club. 

dope ashley p.JPG

The Dope Visionary

Ashley Padgett Perry is a mover, a shaker and an incredible choreographer.  She imagines and executes masterpieces with technical prowess and storytelling genius.  She takes the BAD GIRLS to the next level with her challenging phrasing and advanced movement sequences.  


The Wardrobe Master

Laura Bland, a very bad girl herself, not only dances in all of our productions, she creates the visual palate for our eyes to feast upon.  Costume designer and bad ass mover, bland rocks on so many levels.  

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The Industry Pro

Miguel "blunt" Robinson, is something to behold.  Dancing on tour with Mariah Carey has left him with SO much wisdom to share with the club.  His movement is challenging, fierce, fast-paced and eye quenching!  His choreography has been described among the dancers as the most satisfying to execute because of how hard they have to work to make it streamlined and rockin'.  NOT YET PICTURED. 

not pictured yet.jpg

The Noise Maker

Brandy Blaha makes insane beats.  Her profound tap knowledge keeps our bad girls on their A-Game!  Her classes are high energy and super fulfilling.  Her choreography showcases neat syncopation and fun directional changes.  


The Creator& 



Chelsea Ray, the OG BAD GIRL, is the creator of the bad girls club (genre and style).  Her movement is sensual, sassy, jazzy and epic.  Known for her incredibly clean lines and dope beats, we LOVE it when Chelsea visits us to teach master classes and create masterpieces for the stage.  Currently residing in Atlanta, Ray is a guest choreographer at the lab for our seasonal shows.  The Club continues to be inspired with this amazing woman as the muse.  

Photography Credit:  Humble Lyons