Bad Girls Vibe & Flow

Mondays 8:30pm

At the lab

BAD GIRLS CLUB: you know you've always wanted to be a bad girl. this class is for you. you can expect hot music and bad to the bone movement with a conditioning warm up. we often tell people to think fight club with lipstick. once you take this class, you'll understand why "bgc" is going to become part of your weekly routine and how you'll look forward to all the explaining you'll have to do once you become a "bad girl" at the lab.

VIBE: vibe classes offer that extra "shot" of energy with high intensity warm ups, conditioning, & flexibility exercises.

FLOW: flow classes are choreography &/or movement sequence heavy.

F2/3: "formula 2/3" = intermediate/advanced level

Bad Girls 101

Tuesdays 6:30pm

At the lab

BAD GIRLS 101: perfect for beginner movers or dancers returning to the floor after a long hiatus.  the class starts and finishes with YOU feeling sexy, strong and well...just downright the baddest. you can expect basic movement in all genres ranging from hip hop to jazz to sensual chair dancing.  the class features a bangin' body warm up and fun choreography to play with.

F1: "formula 1" = spanking new beginner level

Femme Hip Hop & Heels

Sundays 1pm 

At the lab

HIP-HOP & HEELS: our fierce take on hip-hop. like a beaker to a flame, temperatures will rise in this favorite dance genre. expect killer choreo that's sexy, sassy, and empowering. bring your heels! (although not required.)

F2: "formula 2" = intermediate level